Waterfalls Discover Tour in Ella


Waterfalls Discover Tour! Explore the breathtaking beauty of Diyaluma Falls, Upper Diyaluma Falls, & a hidden Secret Waterfall. Uncover nature's wonders With Us Today


Departure from Ella:
  • Begin your adventure from Ella town in the morning.
  • ake a scenic Tuk Tuk ride towards Diyaluma Falls.

Diyaluma Falls (Morning):
  • Arrive at Diyaluma Falls, the second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking cascade and take a refreshing dip in the Cold water.

Journey to Upper Diyaluma Falls:
  • Embark on a trek to reach Upper Diyaluma Falls.
  • Navigate through the scenic landscape, following the trail to the upper reaches.

Picnic Lunch at Upper Diyaluma Falls:
  • Reach Upper Diyaluma Falls and relish a picnic lunch.
  • Take in the pristine surroundings and the awe-inspiring view. swiming in natural pools

Upper Diyaluma Falls
Upper Diyaluma Falls


Ravana Falls Secret Waterfall (Afternoon):
  • Continue your journey to the Secret Waterfall near Ravana Falls.
  • Discover this hidden gem, away from the typical tourist paths.

Exploration and Relaxation:
  • Explore the Secret Waterfall's surroundings.
  • Relax in the serene atmosphere, appreciating the untouched beauty.

Return to Ella:
  • Begin your return journey to Ella town.
  • Enjoy the Tuk Tuk ride back, taking in the scenic beauty along the way.

  • Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes suitable for trekking.
  • Pack a backpack with essentials, including water, snacks, and sunscreen.
  • Consider bringing a swimsuit for a refreshing dip in the waterfalls.
  • Check the weather conditions before the trip. Or Contact Us We will help you
  • This waterfall discovery tour promises a day filled with natural wonders, adventure, and the thrill of uncovering hidden treasures in the lush landscapes surrounding Ella.
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