Secret Waterfall Ella


Exploring the Enchanting Secret Waterfall Ella

Embark on a short 30-minute journey, spanning 12.1 km, from Ella to the hidden haven known as Secret Waterfall Ella. Also recognized as Kombukara Wala, Balleketuwa Nature Pool, and Ballaketuwa Waterfall, this secluded spot promises an unpolluted paradise.

"Absolutely mesmerizing! Just returned from Secret Waterfall Ella, and it's like stumbling upon a hidden paradise.The cool waters, the untouched surroundings, and the hidden gem at the top – pure magic"

Maria W
The Hidden Oasis: Kombukara Nature Pool and Secret Waterfall

Tucked away along Nahavila Road in Balleketuwa, Kombukara Nature Pool and Secret Waterfall boasts tranquility and natural beauty. Escape the hustle as you bask in the serenity of two pristine natural pools, one of which remains a secret atop the falls.

Secret waterfall Ella
Secret waterfall Ella
Navigating the Path Less Traveled

To reach this idyllic spot, follow the Wellawaya – Ella – Kumbalwela Highway and the Ella – Passara Road until you arrive at Balleketuwa. From there, meander along Nahavila Road to unveil the hidden gem that is Secret Waterfall Ella.


Nature's Gift: The Unspoiled Serenity

What sets this waterfall apart is its secluded location, ensuring an untouched environment for visitors. The water, refreshingly cool, invites you to immerse yourself in a natural pool that remains unspoiled by human interference.

No Boundaries, No Fees: Embracing Freedom

One of the charms of Secret Waterfall Ella is the absence of an entry fee. Experience the liberating freedom to explore nature without any financial constraints. It's an invitation to unwind without worrying about your wallet.

Beyond the Veil: Discovering the Hidden Pool

For the more adventurous souls, there's an added surprise – a hidden pool at the top of the falls. It's a climb worth taking, promising a secluded retreat with breathtaking views. This hidden gem is nature's reward for those willing to venture a little further.

Cool Waters and Warm Memories: The Bliss of a Swim

Feel the stress melt away as you dip into the refreshing waters of Secret Waterfall Ella. The natural pool beckons, inviting you to savor the joy of a carefree swim amidst the lush surroundings. It's not just water; it's an experience.

Cherished Moments: Connecting with Nature

In a world full of noise, Secret Waterfall Ella offers a sanctuary of silence. Engage your senses, connect with the rustle of leaves, the sound of flowing water, and the scent of pure nature. It's a moment to pause, reflect, and rejuvenate.


In the heart of Balleketuwa, Secret Waterfall Ella stands as a testament to nature's beauty, offering an escape into serenity. From hidden pools to unpolluted surroundings, this hidden gem beckons those seeking a momentary reprieve from the ordinary.



Is there an entry fee for Secret Waterfall Ella?

No, there is no admission fee to experience the enchantment of Secret Waterfall Ella.

How do I reach Secret Waterfall Ella from Ella?

The easiest way is taking a Tuk-Tuk, We will wait till you back from swim

Are there facilities available at Secret Waterfall Ella?

Embrace the simplicity; there are no facilities, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in nature's embrace.

Can I swim in the natural pools at Secret Waterfall Ella?

bsolutely! The twin natural pools invite you to take a refreshing dip and enjoy the bliss of a carefree swim.

What makes Secret Waterfall Ella unique?

Its secluded location, unpolluted environment, twin natural pools, and a hidden gem at the top of the falls make Secret Waterfall Ella a truly unique and enchanting destination.

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