Nil Diya Pokuna | Blue Water Pond


Embark on an extraordinary adventure just 15.6 km away from Ella, Sri Lanka, as we explore the enigmatic Nildiya Pokuna (Blue Water Pond) an underground wonder. This subterranean wonder, also known as the Karandagolla Cave or Nil Diya Pokuna (Blue Water Pond), invites the daring to delve into its depths, revealing an astonishing underground world that is steeped in legend and natural beauty.

"This trip was amazing. It's only for people who love adventure and are not scared of small places in cave."

The Allure of Nildiya Pokuna

Nildiya Pokuna, situated in the Ravana Ella Sanctuary, captivates adventurers with its mysterious charm. The journey begins with a steep 300m descent into a cave that unfolds into an expansive underground complex. As sunlight dwindles, the true marvels of Nil Diya Pokuna come to light.


A Dive into History and Legend

Delving into the history and folklore, Nil Diya Pokuna is believed to be associated with the legendary King Ravana. The acquisition of this underground cave hints at its connection to the mythical tales that surround the king. The Karandagolla Cave becomes a portal to a realm where reality and legend intertwine.

Unveiling the Karandagolla Cave (Nil Diya Pokuna)

Also known as the Karandagolla Cave, Nil Diya Pokuna boasts a unique tunnel and an underground cave with a natural blue pond at its heart. Divers have explored the pond's depths, discovering two additional tunnels branching off its base. The interconnectedness of this subterranean system suggests a connection to the external environment, adding to the intrigue.

The Blue Wonder - Nil Diya Pokuna

The pond, aptly named Nil Diya Pokuna, owes its title to the striking blue hue that graces its surface. Nestled 52 meters deep within the tunnel complex, the pond is a testament to nature's artistry. The surrounding cavern, with a soaring ceiling of up to 100 feet, adds to the grandeur of this hidden gem.

The Journey to Nil Diya Pokuna

While the crystal-clear blue pond draws visitors, the journey to Nil Diya Pokuna is an adventure in itself. The trek through the cave, with its labyrinthine passages and expansive caverns, heightens the sense of anticipation. Join us on this awe-inspiring journey that promises to leave you breathless.


A Glimpse into King Ravana's Legacy

Legend has it that King Ravana, known for his mythical feats, may have played a role in the creation of Nil Diya Pokuna. The cave exudes an architectural presence, sparking intrigue about its origins. Explore the possibility of this subterranean wonder being a testament to the king's legacy.

Cautionary Notes for Adventurers

Nildiya Pokuna is not for the faint of heart. Aspiring explorers are advised to approach with caution, respecting the natural wonders and potential challenges that come with the journey. The crystalline waters may seem inviting, but vigilance is paramount in this underground realm.

Crystal Clear Waters and Ethereal Beauty

The pond's crystal-clear waters reflect a mesmerizing blue tinge when touched by light. The ethereal beauty of Nil Diya Pokuna leaves visitors awe-struck, as they witness a natural wonder hidden beneath the surface of the earth. Capture the magic of this subterranean spectacle.

Connecting with Nature in the Depths

As both air and water remain fresh within the tunnel complex, the connection to the outer environment is apparent. Nil Diya Pokuna offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature in a way that transcends the boundaries between the underground and the world above.

The Best-Kept Secret - Nil Diya Pokuna's Accessibility

Situated just 15.6 km away from Ella, accessing Nil Diya Pokuna is a journey well worth undertaking. Discover the most secret underground water pool in Sri Lanka, a hidden gem that promises an unforgettable experience for those willing to explore its depths.



Is Nildiya Pokuna suitable for all visitors?

While Nildiya Pokuna is a fascinating destination, caution is advised, and it's best suited for adventurous souls due to the underground and underwater exploration.

How deep is the blue pond inside Nil Diya Pokuna?

The blue pond lies about 52 meters deep within the tunnel complex, offering a captivating sight for divers and explorers.

Are there other tunnels connected to Nil Diya Pokuna?

Yes, divers have discovered two additional tunnels branching off the bottom of the pond, adding to the intrigue of the underground system.

What is the distance from Ella to Nil Diya Pokuna?

The distance from Ella to Nil Diya Pokuna is approximately 15.6 km, and the journey takes around 35 minutes.

Is there any historical significance associated with Nil Diya Pokuna?

Nil Diya Pokuna is believed to be connected to the King Ravana legend, adding historical and mythical significance to this underground marvel.

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