Lipton's Seat Tour from Ella


Discover the allure of Lipton's Seat: Explore lush tea plantations, relive Sir Thomas Lipton's legacy & savor panoramic views on this unforgettable journey.

Embark on a breathtaking journey to Lipton's Seat, a scenic vantage point surrounded by lush tea plantations. This tour offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical significance, allowing you to witness panoramic views while retracing the steps of Sir Thomas Lipton, the renowned tea planter.


Departure from Ella:
  • Your Tuk Tuk tour begins from Ella town or your accommodation.
  • Enjoy the scenic drive through winding roads and picturesque landscapes.

Arrival at Lipton's Seat for sunrise:
  • Reach Lipton's Seat, a viewpoint at an elevation of 1,968 meters.
  • Marvel at the panoramic views of surrounding hills, valleys, and tea estates.

Tea Estate Walk:
  • Take a short walk through the well-manicured tea plantations.
  • Capture stunning photographs of the landscape and the iconic Lipton's Seat monument.

Historical Insights:
  • Learn about Sir Thomas Lipton's influence on Ceylon tea.
  • Understand the historical significance of Lipton's Seat.

Lipton's Seat
Lipton's Seat
Picnic with a View:
  • Enjoy a packed Breakfast or snacks with a spectacular view.
  • Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of the hill country.


Return Journey to Ella:
  • Begin the return journey to Ella at a leisurely pace.
  • Stop at scenic points for additional photo opportunities.

Visit Dambatenne Tea Factory:
  • Enroute, stop at Dambatenne Tea Factory, founded by Sir Thomas Lipton.
  • Take a guided tour to understand the tea-making process and its history.

Optional Stop at Adisham Monastery:
  • Depending on your preference, visit Adisham Monastery on the way back.
  • Explore the beautiful monastery and its well-maintained gardens.

Arrival in Ella:
  • onclude your Lipton's Seat tour with a safe return to Ella.
  • Reflect on the day's experiences and the beauty of Sri Lanka's hill country.


  • It's advisable to start the tour early in the morning to witness the sunrise at Lipton's Seat.
  • Check the weather conditions, and bring a light jacket as temperatures can be cooler at higher elevations.
  • This tour promises a memorable blend of Sri Lanka's natural beauty and the rich history of its tea industry.
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