Dunhinda Falls


Dunhinda Falls stands at an impressive height of 63 meters, making it one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Sri Lanka, One Hour Tuk Tuk Ride From Ella,The name itself, derived from the Sinhala language, reflects the enchanting spectacle - "Dun" for smoke and "hinda" for evaporating. This natural wonder is often referred to as the "Bridal Fall" due to the ethereal spray of smoky dew drops, creating an illusion reminiscent of a bridal veil.

"it is a really nice walk through small pathway and reach to Dunhida fall. it is breath taking and iconic waterfall in Badulla. about 3 miles away from Badulla city. about 30 min walk to reach there"

Steve smith
Timings and Entry Fees

If you're planning a visit to Dunhinda Falls, take note of its timings - open from 7 AM to 5 PM. The entry fee is LKR 200 for foreigners and a nominal LKR 20 for locals. A small price to pay for the opportunity to witness the sheer beauty of this cascading wonder.

Dunhinda Falls
Dunhinda Falls


The Bridal Fall: A Unique Spectacle

The unique charm of Dunhinda Falls lies not only in its height but also in the distinctive smoky water drops spray that has earned it the moniker "Bridal Fall." Its shape, akin to a bridal veil, adds an extra layer of allure, creating a truly magical atmosphere. However, it's crucial to note that bathing in the waterfall is not recommended due to its potentially perilous conditions.

Folklore and Legends

Dunhinda Falls is steeped in history and folklore. According to local tales, this area was once inhabited by the Veddha people. Legend has it that a giant fern once obstructed the water flow, causing flooding in Badulla town. King Rajasinha entrusted the task of clearing the blockage to a person named 'Ranhavadidaraya,' who successfully completed the challenging mission. The giant fern's journey downstream and its impact on the 'Pussellawa' area adds a mythical touch to the falls.

A Stroll Amidst Nature

During the rainy season, typically from June to July, Dunhinda Falls is in its full glory. To reach this natural spectacle, visitors must embark on a scenic 30 minutes walk from the entrance. What was once a challenging path has now transformed into a well-maintained tourist attraction.


In conclusion, Dunhinda Falls stands as a testament to the raw beauty of nature, with its smoky veil and mesmerizing cascades. Whether you're a nature enthusiast or a curious traveler, a visit to this enchanting waterfall promises an unforgettable experience. Embrace the allure of Dunhinda Falls and let its magic captivate your senses.



Can I swim in Dunhinda Falls?

It is not recommended to swim in Dunhinda Falls due to its potentially dangerous conditions.

When is the best time to visit Dunhinda Falls?

Dunhinda Falls is in full flow during the rainy season, generally from June to July.

What is the significance of the name 'Dunhinda'?

The name is derived from Sinhala, with "Dun" meaning smoke and "hinda" meaning evaporating, capturing the smoky dew drops spray around the falls.

Are there guided tours available for Dunhinda Falls?

Yes, Feel Free to Contact Ella Tuk Tuk Safari For your official guided tours

What is the height of Dunhinda Falls?

64 metres (210 ft)

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